Ransomware Gets Worse

Last year we introduced you to Ransomware .  This form of PC infection has gotten worse.  Read More

What is Ransomware?

Ransomware is a form of infection on your computer.  The infection holds your computer hostage until you pay to have it unlocked.  Usually, the creators of these infections disguise the infection in a way to scare you into paying.... Read More

Mailing Lists vs SPAM

SPAM email is a big problem for businesses.  It is a resource drain in email servers as well as wastes employee time deleting these messages.  Sometimes, however, this is not actually SPAM.  Here is a good definition of SPAM vs... Read More

Have You Heard of Data Deduplication?

Is your server aging?  Is it time to start thinking about upgrading some hardware?  Microsoft will be releasing it’s next version of Windows Server later this year.  One very notable feature to this new operating system that... Read More

Want a Tablet But Need Your Windows Applications?

Holding off on getting a tablet because it won’t run your Windows applications?  Your wait is coming to an end.  Microsoft has released a customer preview of Windows 8, it’s new operating system.  The final release of... Read More

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