Have You Heard of Data Deduplication?

Is your server aging?  Is it time to start thinking about upgrading some hardware?  Microsoft will be releasing it’s next version of Windows Server later this year.  One very notable feature to this new operating system that is worth a second look is Data Deduplication.

Data deduplication analyzes the data on your network file shares and will remove duplicates.  If several users receive the same attachment in email and each save it to their network folder, this new server OS will only retain one copy of that file.  If a user1 modifies “their” copy, then two files will be stored on the network (one modified copy for user1 and one original for the other users).  On general file shares, this technology has reduced disk usage by as much as 60%!

The quantity of data is growing fast, so it’s important to drive efficiency on your network and not let that data get out of control.

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