Mailing Lists vs SPAM

SPAM email is a big problem for businesses.  It is a resource drain in email servers as well as wastes employee time deleting these messages.  Sometimes, however, this is not actually SPAM.  Here is a good definition of SPAM vs Mailing Lists from, which is a service that attempts to shutdown spamming email servers.

Solicited Bulk Email is an important mechanism for keeping consenting customers informed of products or service news. When Bulk Email is Solicited it is valuable to the recipient and therefore also to the sender. When it’s Unsolicited it’s purely Spam, an unwanted and unwelcome nuisance to the recipient, unfairly forcing the recipient to assume the cost of receiving, storing and removing the unwanted adverts.

The difference between senders of legitimate bulk email and spammers couldn’t be clearer, the legitimate bulk email sender has verifiable permission from the recipients before sending, the spammer does not.

The good thing about mailing lists is that you can simply unsubscribe from them by going through your email and following their unsubscribe instructions.  In every email that has been sent from a mailing list, there is a link to unsubscribe which is usually located at the bottom of the email. Most of the time, clicking on the link will open up a new webpage and you will have to enter your email address.

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