IT Solutions worthy of a High Five

Focus: Outsourcing your Technology Needs


When you bring Five Technology on as your trusted partner in technology, you are essentially outsourcing a function of your business.  Outsourcing can be a very effective way increasing profitability, and has several other benefits that you may not realize.


  • Outsourcing allows you to focus on your core competency, thus making you more profitable.  The commitment required to keep up with technology is a full-time job and leaves you little time for anything else. Let Five provide you the means to focus on what you do well, while we look out for your best interests in technology.
  • Fvie Technology will not be a gatekeeper to your system. In an attempt to guarantee job security, some IT providers will safeguard the intricacies of your IT system so you become dependent on them. They may say "I cannot be replaced because with me leaves all knowledge of their IT system", and often times they are right. Through documentation and communication, we eliminate this dependency.
  • The cost of an IT department includes management, administration, office space, and supplies in addition to the cost of an in-house technician. With a staff you now have to cover employment taxes, health care, and other hidden costs that go into employing personnel.  Five can provide superior service at a considerable amount less than the true cost of internal technical staff.
  • Avoid the revolving door syndrome.  Anyone who has had to deal with the process of hiring and retaining an IT staff will know that this is not an easy process.  When a technician moves on, so does their knowledge of your system.  The time and resources to find and train someone new can get out of hand.