IT Solutions worthy of a High Five

Case Studies

Five Technology consults and manages IT infrastructure for clients in a variety of industries.  Here are some examples of our work.

  • Online Scheduling Calendar

    Online Scheduling Calendar

    Application Development

    Five Technology was approached by Hansen, Dordell, Bradt, Odlaug & Bradt (HDBOB) Law Office to create an online calendar based appointment scheduling application. There were several requirements to this project.

    • Online Calendar to display available time slots
    • Form that needed to be filled out at the time of scheduling
    • Email notifications to all parties of scheduled appointment
    • Privacy of all parties for a scheduled appointment
    • Ability to display the calendar in Outlook

    HDBOB already had their site built on Five Technology's own Site Management Console (SMC) content management system. The SMCs ability to incorporate custom programming made it possible to integrate this web application into their existing site. In addition to custom programming in the SMC, Five utilized Google Calendar APIs to pass and store event information in a way that could easily be viewed by internal staff.

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  • The BOSS

    The BOSS

    Application Development

    Five Technology created a custom web application that manages all aspects of running our business. This tool can be customized and deployed to work with any business and with a variety of 3rd party applications and APIs.


    • Customer Database
    • Project Management
    • Support Incident Tracking
    • Manage Sales Leads
    • Internal Communication
    • Invoicing
    • Quickbooks Integration
    • Internal Documentation

  • Municipal Government

    Municipal Government

    Managed IT

    Five Technology manages and consults several municipal governments on their IT needs. One example is a network connecting several remote locations.

    Implemented Solutions:

    • Multiple Exchange Servers
    • VPN Connections
    • Virtual Servers
    • Offsite Backup
    • Police Department IT Support
    • Custom Web Application
    • Weekly Onsite IT Services

  • L&M Fleet Supply

    L&M Fleet Supply

    Application Development

    The L&M Fleet Supply project has been Five's most challenging eCommerce web design to date, and really showcases the capabilities of the Five team and SMC content management system.

    Five was contracted to build this great eCommerce site, and all the bells and whistles can be found at Notable eCommerce essentials include image gallery, gift cards, product reviews, related products, product sorting and filters, client account management, and much more. With hundreds of thousands of products, integration with L&M's corporate servers was needed to keep current pricing and inventory on the site.

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  • Banking


    Managed IT

    Banks and Financial Institutions require additional network security and safeguards of data due to the sensitive nature of the data stored on their network. Five Technology helps banks meet these requirements by implementing and monitoring stricter firewall and intrusion detection solutions.

    Implemented Solutions:

    • Intrusion Detection / Intrusion Prevention
    • Failover Connections
    • Server Imaging
    • Offsite Backup to dedicated backup server

  • Mobile Form with Digital Signature

    Mobile Form with Digital Signature

    Application Development

    After launching their website last year, Excel Mechanical contracted Five Technology to streamline their approach to filling out invoicing & billing forms.

    Before the project began, like most companies that do onsite work for their clients, Excel Mechanical had to haul papers with them wherever they went. Not only that but they had several steps to complete the form and send it to the customer or client. The process went something like this: 1) Fill out a paper form 2) Enter data into computer 3) Generate PDF 4) Email to client or customer. You can imagine how much time piles up weekly, monthly, and yearly to complete this process everyday.

    We streamlined their approach by taking their paper forms and creating digital forms fit for their Ipad or tablet. Not only did we digitize their forms but we also created a signature capture field that can capture signatures using a stylus. This allows Excel Mechanical’s team to fill out a form, capture a signature, and then the form automatically generates a PDF version which it sends to the client’s email. Not only that but we built an administration interface utilizing the Site Management Console to view a history of each and every form submitted.

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  • Manufacturing


    Managed IT

    Productivity is key in a manufacturing environment. Any network downtime can cost substantial amounts of money and cause the company to miss production deadlines. Five Technology has a solution to minimize downtime in the event of server failure.

    Implemented Solutions:

    • Exchange Server
    • SQL ERP Server
    • Virtual Servers
    • Offsite Backup
    • Failover Solution
    • Weekly Onsite IT Services