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Email SPAM Filtering

SPAM filtering is not so much a science, but an art.  There is a fine line that must be walked to block unwanted email while still allowing all important email through.  The only thing worse that getting SPAM is not getting important business email.  Here are some SPAM filtering options, with pros and cons.

Utility Server (Basic)

Utility servers used for firewall, gateway, backup, etc are great options for configuring as spam / virus filters.  These servers have lower system loads than your production servers.  This type of filtering uses known lists of spam senders and IP addresses with poor reputations to filter mail.


  • Low entry cost (if existing hardware)
  • Easily managed whitelisting / blacklisting


  • Small data sample so not as accurate filter
  • No direct integration with Exchange

Appliance (Advanced)

Dedicated appliance installed in your office or a virtual appliance at our data center with the sole purpose of scanning email.  Five Technology currently offers Barracuda enterprise grade SPAM filtering.  Contact us to learn more about this upgraded SPAM fighting service..


  • More effective scanning


  • Higher entry cost
  • Requiring maintance and backup



Software as a Service (SAAS)

There are many online SPAM and Virus scanning solutions that can compliment your on premise email server.  These will work with IMAP and Exchange solutions.  Email is routed to these cloud solutions before it is delivered to your mail server.


  • No upfront hardware costs
  • Low monthly subscription costs (usually priced per user)
  • No ongoing maintenance and backup required
  • No load on network resources
  • Large pool of email to allow for better "learning" of SPAM indicators


  • Less control than an on premise device
  • Not fully integrated with Outlook